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Time for a horse fix!

Sometimes I stop and think…(no jokes please…)…if I didn’t do what I do for a living, I might actually have had another life with horses and many more children than what I have.  THANKFULLY I am very lucky in having so many wonderful clients that share their horses and children with me and they very kindly save me from myself!  The cowboy boot collection in my closet though is another problem…ah heck, no it’s not!!:)

Miss Katelyn and her very fabulous horse Sonny….photographed the day after all that lovely blue sky (can’t win them all!) this week.  We traveled out to the Sky River Equestrian Center in Sultan for her senior portraits and had a terrific time!  Complete with a stop at Vinaccio coffee to thaw out!

Haven’t edited much beyond just a fav or too…so just a quick sneak peek.


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