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The Serendipity Difference

What makes Serendipity worth the trip and the investment?

How about over ten years of experience with studio & outdoor photography and specialized lighting skills.

We work hard to match backgrounds to outfits so the important part stands out…you!

Posing is alive and well here!  There are so many unflattering ways to take portraits and most of them involve not posing subjects.  We’ve studied for many years to learn posing for arms, legs and hands so that you look amazing and natural!  Just imagine, you’re wearing your favorite dress and you can either be posed (or worse, not posed at all!) so that you’re facing the camera straight on and you look the widest you possibly can…or come to Serendipity and we’ll pose you so that you look the best you possibly can!

It’s all about the eyes.  Take a look through our galleries and you’ll see that beautiful sparkle in bright lively eyes.  It’s all about using the correct lighting to bring out beautiful eyes.

We have a wide variety of backgrounds, furniture, lighting equipment and locations to choose from.  There’s something for everyone here.

Every subject has beautiful rich skin tones that are perfectly color balanced and retouched.  You’ll never see an image that has a blue or green color cast to it due to no white-balancing.  We retouch every image so you don’t have to worry about blemishes.

Professional lighting to flatter you.  You won’t fade into the background (if you’re a brunette on a dark background…your hair will blend into the background without the correct lights) and you won’t have flat lighting (that’s when your face appears to be flat instead of having a nose, chin and cheekbones).  Great lighting does not happen by accident.  There’s a lot of planning and education in it.

Every year we attend 2-3 conferences and workshops to continue our education in new techniques.

We have a terrific Makeup Artist available for sessions for beautiful skin and eyes.

Unique quality products to ensure that your portraits will look great now, tomorrow and in many years to come.

Money Back Guarantee!  If you’re not happy with your portraits, we will redo your session, reprint or give you your money back.   No hard feelings!

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