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Leaves, Rocks and Spiders….just another one year old session

Ah, little Max….it’s been so much fun watching this blue-eyed charmer grow up!  For his last session, we opted to head outside and take advantage of the last few autumn leaves hanging around.  Mom coordinated older brother’s wardrobe so we could pull him in for a few images as well.  Alex conveniently tried putting leaf hats on his brother. :)

Max decided that he needed a snack of rocks throughout the session….we were constantly pulling rocks from his hands and cleaning around his mouth when he was a bit faster than us.  Oh, and the spider?  Yeah….nothing like retouching an image for ordering and finally noticing that there was a big leggy beast of a spider crawling up Max’s jacket while we were photographing.  EWWWW!  Grossest retouching job ever!!  I’ll take snotty noses any day!

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