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Class of 2013 One Day Sale coming up!

Are you a brand new high school senior?  Or do you know one?  We will be having our One Day Sale on June 27th from 10am to 5pm!  What does that mean for you?  It means savings on your session fees!

Here’s the details:

Call the studio at 206-947-4686 on June 27th between 10am-5pm.  Have  some dates in mind for when you’d like your senior session photographed.  We schedule appointments Tuesday-Friday from 10am-5pm (usually, there are always exceptions).  Also have a credit card handy as we will need this to confirm your appointment and charge your session fee.

Select your Session

The Ultimate Session, regularly $295, is available for $73.75 in July, or $147.50 in August.

The 60/60 (most Popular!), regularly $150, is available for $37.50 in July, or $75 in August.

The 60, regularly $85, is available for $21.25 in July, or $42.50 in August.

The Organic, regularly $120, is available for $30 in July, or $60 in August.

Not sure which session you’d like?  Check out the Senior Portrait Galleries to get some ideas of what is offered in each session!

Schedule your senior portrait session for July or August.  Don’t wait for September!  That’s when everyone suddenly realizes, “OMG, I have to submit a yearbook file to my school!” and they all call the studio hoping for a session.  Then you have to schedule around school activities, mom and dad’s work schedules and the studio availability.  Summer has nicer weather (hopefully summer weather shows up!) longer days with daylight and fewer things to schedule around.  Plus, you’re available in the morning and early afternoon, whereas once school starts, the only appointment we can schedule for you is at 4pm.  PLAN AHEAD!

Save up to 75% off your session fee!  You’ll save more if you book for July, sessions booked for July are 75% off!  August sessions are 50% off.  Say it with me….summer senior sessions are GOOD!

Now the fine print…your session fee (as low as $21.25!) is due when you book your session.  Depending on what session you choose, you have a minimum investment.  This is due when you have your session photographed.  There is no product included in the session fee.




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