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Be a Serendipity Seniors Top Model!


This is your opportunity to be a part of our team!! If you’ve ever wondered how we select people for our displays and advertising, this is it!  You’ll not only be able to earn credit toward your product packages (keeping the parental unit happy), you’ll also be eligible for other valuable prizes and perks throughout your senior year like bonus photo shoots, gift cards to your favorite shopping establishments and hangouts, gadgets and more!  You won’t want to pass up this opportunity!

 Why do we call it Top Model?

Because the more you participate, the closer you get to earning great prizes along the way including our grand prize giveaway which will go to our Top Model biggest earner. You can earn gift cards to your favorite shopping establishments, hair and makeup for your personal photo shoot and/or prom, a limo for prom, gadgets and much more! Plus, our top 8-10 model earners will be featured in our Senior Guide next year! This isn’t just about referrals, people…apply now to find out how you can be our Senior Top Model!

 Who can apply?

Serendipity Seniors Top Model is open to Class of 2016 seniors, both guys and girls, short or tall, and any size. Being a Serendipity Senior Top Model team member is more about an outgoing personality and being willing to apply some marketing skills that WE will teach you using tools you are already familiar with!  To apply for Serendipity Senior Top Model, fill out the application.  If you’re going to model for a senior photographer, why not model for the one you really want to go to anyway?!

 What happens after you apply?

We’ll  select up to 15 individuals to join the team. You must bring a parent to an orientation meeting with us to get all the details and officially join.

If you have questions, please feel free to call our studio at 206-947-4686. Or send an email to

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